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10% off in your first order - FYB10BEGIN
10% off in your first order - FYB10BEGIN


Who can buy on is a B2B marketplace dedicated to wholesale for independent retailers.

To buy on, you need to be a registered retailer with a valid registration number. Unfortunately we do not sell to individuals or end users. Sole-traders are also able to register on the platform.

An retailer has either a physical store (brick & mortar), an independent e-shop or a permanent point of sales with an entire product range; they buy at wholesale price and resell products at retail price and retail is their primary activity

Until you are registered, you cannot access the wholesale prices nor place an order.

Please note that: You may be asked to transmit registered documents to verify and confirm your identity. reserves the right to reject any customer that does not meet our criteria

Brands can refuse an order if they consider that your shop does not match their criteria

What is the benefit for a retailer to buy on FindyourBrand rather than directly from the brand ?

As a retailer, whether your business is brick and mortar or purely digital, you are often faced with challenges when trying to compete against your main rivals. It’s very hard to find the same low prices on brands that large name retailers have access to, and it can feel impossible at times to stay afloat in a very saturated market.

When selecting the right health and beauty brands for your retailing business it can be a daunting task because the information and data needed to make a proper decision often isn’t easily at hand. Finding what you need; especially what’s relevant to you; can take months of hard work and frustration.

How do you currently find new brands? - do you waste days traveling to marketing events or visiting the brands headquarters?

Do you walk around these marketing events aimlessly for hours looking for something new and exciting for your business, calls and meetings with brand representatives can be time consuming, taking up your time that you could be investing in your customers and your business.

Does it feel hectic trying to keep on top of all the different paperwork between you and your many suppliers? is the solution to all of these problems. On one platform, we host hundreds of health and beauty brands, allowing you to find the perfect brands to grow your business, all in one place and at a very competitive price. That means you can sit back and relax as you find all the information you could ever need at the click of a button.

With, you can have access to the competitive low prices of hundreds of brands at the touch of your fingers. With detailed descriptions and huge variety, you can find any brand to suit any sector within health and beauty without having to travel or waste any of your precious time.

Are you an online retailer?

Boost your sales with our trending brands and expand your customer reach. We make it simple.

All of the paperwork will be held in one secure, easy-to-use portal with low MOQ and great credit facilities. You can forget about the hassle of cross-border paperwork and organizing your files because our system makes business organized and easy for our retailers.

Our marketplace is the simple, effective, and efficient solution to grow your business when looking for health and beauty brands. We believe the brands should be brought to the retailer, all in one user-friendly portal making life easier for everyone involved.

What shipping options are available?

By default all orders over €500 qualify for Free delivery, however, Each store could define they own shipping charges, please review or contact the Store to know more about the shipping charges.

Can I access to wholesale prices?

If you want to access to the wholesale prices, you need to be a registered customer, please click here to sig up.

How does the loyalty points work?

We reward the loyalty, keep buying with us and get points that you can redeem for cash. Please find out the loyalty points criteria below:

Earning Criteria: €100 = 1 point

Minimum Order Amount for Earning: €150

Maximum Earning Points: 20.000

Expiry Duration (Days): 365 days

Redemption Criteria: 10 points = €1

Minimum Order Amount for Redemption: €100

I need the Invoice, where can I find my invoice?

Each brand is responsible to provide the invoice, you should receive the invoice by email once the order has been dispatched. In case of you a missing invoice please contact the Store or contact our customer service team.

I can’t see any product, why?

Our platform works base in your location (geolocation) we currently are available only for customers based in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. If you are in a different country please contact us at we are happy to link you with our local partner.

Who pay custom and import taxes?

Most of our stores are located in the EU so in most cases, there will not be import customs and taxes charges. However as B2B platform if there is any custom or duty charge the retailer is responsible for the local custom and taxes, however most

How can I pay?

Currently, you can pay using any Debit or credit card.

We are working hard to provide an easy finance tool that will allow you fill an online form and get finance in 60 seconds. We will let you know as soon we have the solution in place.

Can I cancel my order?

The answer is yes, you can request the order cancelation whiting the 24 hours of the time of the order, after that period the store can refuse your request, however, each store have they own cancelation policy, please contact the store or contact us at we are happy to help you

I didn’t receive my order

We and our partners strive to deliver your order on time, however, some parcels can be delay, lost or damaged in transit, please contact the store if you have not received your parcel.

Alternatively if you didn’t receive your order within 20 days please contact the store and open a claim with us by clicking here.