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10% off in your first order - FYB10BEGIN

Creator Brow Block

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Introducing the Revolution Creator Brow Block! Perfect for those of you who are looking to unleash your creativity… Whether you want to create a spooky halloween transformation or turn yourself into a cartoon character, the Revolution Creator Brow Block is a must-have product to help block out those brows!

How to use:
Step 1: Start with clean brows & brush the hairs in an upward direction using the Creator Brow Builder Comb.
Step 2: Apply a layer of the Creator Brow Block and drag the product in an upwards direction across the brows.
Step 3: Before the product sets, brush hairs up with a spoolie for extra lift…
Step 4: Cover with concealer and pat down using our create blender sponge
Step 5: Add a layer of setting powder- ideally translucent to cover the brow area and leave to set for 5 mins
Step 6: Brush off any excess with our create fluffy powder brush

And there you have it, invisible brows and you now have a blank canvas!